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Rooster Farms Coffee Co. offers the highest Estate Extra Fancy grades of Certified Organic 100% Kona Mauka Coffee shipped and processed fresh from The Rooster's farm to you. Our coffee is hand picked by the farmers themselves, grown organically, and roasted in weekly batches. We are certified by the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association as well as Organic Certifiers to USDA Standards and we are one of the oldest organic farms in Kona, being certified for over 30 years.

Grown on small plots, in a certain elevation and climate, and roasted in small batches using Only 100% Arabica beans [ Never a "blend' ], Kona Coffee is special particularly because of the special conditions that Mauna Loa and the land of Hawaii has granted us.

Rooster Farms only produces Extra Fancy graded coffee, and it is Estate coffee -- meaning every single step from leaf to flower to pulping to roasting, is done on the farm grounds, personally by the farmers. In fact, because of the robust harvest season of 2016, the farm began bustling early and we all can feel it!

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Organic Quality

Why organic? Why ask why! Why -shouldn’t- we know what we put into our bodies and what effects any harmful foods or products may have in the short and long term, let alone on our one earth?.

We harvest, process and maintain our coffee under the strictest standards and monitor each step of the way quite literally with our own eyes and hands :]

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about any facet of our process and please, if you ever find yourself in the Kona area, please email or call for a tour!

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Our Shop

- In the notes, please specify MEDIUM or DARK roast at Checkout! -

-------- ------ FOR 2016 FALL: We are Currently OUT of CONVENTIONAL and also ORGANIC DARK ROAST, and thus also All CAFE Roasts.------ --------

As the 2016 Harvest is now underway, we expect to be back in stock 100%, by late October or early November.

We are sorry but Kona Coffee is sometimes extremely limited..! We Still have Conventional MEDIUM, and Organic MEDIUM Roasts. THANK YOU FOR READING and for your LOYALTY! :] ------ --------

1 Lb Organic Rooster CAFE Roast [ Blend of Dark&Med ]


OUT OF STOCK until estimated late Oct. - early Nov. :(

1 Lb Organic Rooster Roast



5 Lb Organic Rooster Roast



1 Lb Conventional Rooster Roast



5 Lb Conventional Rooster Roast



1 Lb Conventional CAFE Roast [ Blend of Dark&Med ]


OUT OF STOCK until estimated late Oct. - early Nov. :(

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How do yoU Brew?

Please check back very soon for Brewing Kits, Gift Sets, and a tasty choice of the many brewing methods that are taking the coffee world by storm! There is no Right Way to brew -- only what tastes best for you, perhaps even just for the moment! [ We alternate regularly between 2 or even 3 methods at at time, depending on the taste-mood of the day ]

1. Pour-Over Method 2. French Press 3. Turkish Coffee 4. Cold Brew 5. Aeropress 6. Stovetop Percolator

1- For a very rich taste; can make a single cup or a carafe. Works well with a few types of grinds, depending on your taste

2- Retains the naturally occurring oils for a smooth and rich brew; Some say it is smoother than most other methods.

3- Not for the faint of tongue; a powder-fine grind is boiled in directly, becoming the best part at the end of the cup. Add cardamom for more flavor

4- There is much debate to get the 'right' cold brew; we like to keep it simple and leave the brew in the refrigerator overnight for 8 hours or more.

5- According to some passionate coffee-lovers, this might be the ultimate coffee brew. Your taste buds will tell you whether or not it is for you!

6- One of the earliest and still one the very tastiest methods to get a simple espresso or coffee brew. A very rich and smooth cup results.