Exciting Rooster News! - Cupping Contest Winners!

We are proud and excited to announce - Team Rooster entered .. and Won! The 2016 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Contest. We won as the #1 Place for Certified Organic Kona Coffee, amongst over 65 farms entered, and about 600 coffee farms in total in Kona -! I can't say how grateful we all are and of our hard efforts going into this year's Harvest :D

(Kona coffee)。


Featured in the New York Times - Read Here

Featured on KonaBox! - Read Here

1 Lb Organic Rooster CAFE Roast

$38.00 USD

[ BLEND of Dark & Medium ]

1 Lb Organic Rooster Roast

$38.00 USD


5 Lb Organic Rooster Roast

$180.00 USD


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How do yoU Brew?

Please check back very soon for Brewing Kits, Gift Sets, and a tasty choice of the many brewing methods that are taking the coffee world by storm! There is no Right Way to brew -- only what tastes best for you, perhaps even just for the moment! [ We alternate occasionally but are especially fans of the Pour Over method and Turkish Style coffee, depending on the taste-mood of the day ]

1. Pour-Over Method 2. French Press 3. Turkish Coffee 4. Cold Brew 5. Aeropress 6. Stovetop Percolator

1- For a very rich taste; can make a single cup or a carafe. Works well with a few types of grinds, depending on your taste

2- Retains the naturally occurring oils for a smooth and rich brew; Some say it is smoother than most other methods.

3- Not for the faint of tongue; a powder-fine grind is boiled in directly, becoming the best part at the end of the cup. Add cardamom for more flavor

4- There is much debate to get the 'right' cold brew; we like to keep it simple and leave the brew in the refrigerator overnight for 8 hours or more.

5- According to some passionate coffee-lovers, this might be the ultimate coffee brew. Your taste buds will tell you whether or not it is for you!

6- One of the earliest and still one the very tastiest methods to get a simple espresso or coffee brew. A very rich and smooth cup results.