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Rooster Farms :].

With Enthusiasm, we invite you to take in a glimpse of our daily life here at Rooster Farms. Being together for 23 years now, and living in New York much of that time, Ed and I took a huge leap and came to Big Island in late 2015.

While Ed is a scientist specializing in environmental engineering and electrochemistry, and myself an artist working with biological and plant-based materials, we inform our skills with our passions and are bean-to-cup Kona-coffee farmers and roasters in a new generation :]

We took on the Oldest Certified Organic Kona coffee farm and learned everything we could from who I like to call Master Mike, Mike Craig the former farmer, and combined that knowledge with agricultural research and hard work!

I recently grew our newest crop, our five month baby girl! With her we bring Rooster Farms into new and exciting chapters :] . Rooster Farms is a small business that is 100% Women Owned and Disability Owned.

— Tara Cronin, owner, roaster, Rooster Farms


What we create

We grow and roast award-winning coffee, as well nutrient rich roots, in an agroforest

  • The oldest certified organic Kona coffee farm

    Our farm was first certified organic over 40 years ago and we continue to re-certify annually

  • Rich in Roots!

    We also grow and sell our turmeric, ginger, and taro ( kalo )

  • Mauka grown

    We are a Mauka farm ( mountain farm ) - we are 1600 feet in elevation between Mount Hualalai & Mauna Loa, whichmeans our coffee grows slow and sweet

  • Vintage Roaster

    We roast on a vintage Sivetz roaster, the first iteration of its kind from 1974

  • Hand made:]

    We hand pick, hand process, hand craft, and hand pack every item you see for sale on tours or our site


Ed & Tara!


Understanding things like Soil Science, Environmental Engineering and Permaculture farming; Ed is our in-house agronomist! Tara is the master roaster and is continually learning more about the nuances of roasting. We have a beloved vintage Sivetz fluidized-bed manual air roaster, and we only roast 9-19 Lbs at a time which means we can roast to order so our coffee is always incredibly fresh -!

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Yes, we live in a no-walls treehouse up a tropical mountain in the middle of the Pacific, and you are very welcome to visit!



Ed and Tara continue to work on personal research and art projects and you can ask them anything anytime about their ongoing work in the sciences and arts!

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