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Hello! Come visit us @
Rooster Farms

Come learn coffee farming, Taste farm-fresh, brewed-on-the-spot 100% Kona Coffee, see our trees and facilities, and purchase fresh coffee to take home - We roast fresh coffee every week!

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Ed and Tara, the Owners of Rooster Farms

What will we do?

We do every step here at the farm from picking the raw coffee fruit to processing and drying, to roasting the final green bean - we'll show you all the stages of coffee:

  • Coffee Brewing ( click for info )

    We brew fresh individual cups for each taster from coffee roasted in-house - when booking, please tell us how many in your party will be tasting coffee

  • Information & Education

    We love coffee! And we love the interesting history of Kona coffee; ask us what makes Kona coffee so special, how coffee is made from seed to cup.

  • Farm Paths

    All the magic happens at our sun drying deck, where a lot of the processing happens, as well the packing and Roasting rooms, and of course, it is all fueled by our fruiting coffee trees

  • Fresh Coffee and More

    We always have freshly roasted coffee for sale on site and online, as well as other other products from our farm such as Kona coffee flower Honey, Turmeric Root and Powder. Kona coffee scrubs and soaps, and others


People Are Saying

From Kara Higgins via Google:

5 STARS: "We LOVED Rooster Farms! If you want a personal experience, this is your place. Tara and Ed were warm and welcoming and taught us a lot about Kona coffee while they poured us fresh coffee to sample (we got to try both the medium and dark roasts). I loved that I got to touch and see every part of the process, from the fruit just starting to grow on the coffee plants to the ripe fruit and bean, dried beans, and of course freshly roasted coffee! We brought home two bags of coffee and a jar of honey. Also, the drive up through the coffee plants is gorgeous."

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All intercropped together, we grow organic Kona coffee, turmeric roots, taro, various types of ginger both edible as well for the beautiful flowering ginger plants. We ship globally :]


Happy Soil,
Happy Crops.

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Kona Coffee
Hand-Picked, Volcanic
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Tall Turmeric Plants
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Taro Kalo Roots
The "Older Brother" in Hawaiian Tradition
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Tropical Agriculture
1600 Foot Elevation
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Turmeric Roots
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An Agroforest
Jungle Mountain!
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Freshly Brewed
Aromatic, Big Blooms
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The Farm's Guardian

We Grow Jungle Mountain Foods

Big Island is amazingly unique in that it has 8 of the 13 total climate zones that exist in the world..! Where we are it is the perfect symbiosis of rain, elevation, and volcanic elements that help create some of the world's most flavorful coffee and roots.

Kona Coffee Flowering Tree